Medication Management Services

Making prescription management simple for local Assisted Living, Supportive Living, and Independent Living communities.

Who We Serve

Medication Management

Our Extended Pharmacy team serves Assisted Living, Supportive Living, and Independent Living communities.

Assisted Living facilities provide housing, personal care services, and health care designed to promote independence in the residents. We know your goals are centered on keeping the resident’s dignity, privacy, independence, and community involvement. 

We want to support your efforts by making prescription management easy for your staff. Typically, medication management, or assistance with self-administration of medicine is the job of the staff. Extended Pharmacy lifts that burden and delivers presorted medication packs labeled with the resident’s name as well as the date and time the medications are to be taken.

Supportive Living facilities also provide personal care, socialization, and educational activities to residents, but often at a reduced or subsidized cost. We know that community is important, and we want to support our local community with a service that can make life easier.

Per the requirements of the State of Illinois, medication management is a service that must be provided by supportive living communities. We can help make the management easier by sending you prescription packs that are easy to distribute and require minimal handling.

Independent Living communities are for seniors who can still live independently, but they want access to assistance when they need it. While these residents can generally take care of themselves, managing medications, refilling them, and dealing with pill caddies can be a hassle.

Being able to offer the service of Extended Pharmacy is a huge value-add to these residents who value convenience, safety, and minimal assistance.

Total Medication Management

The presorted medication packets from Extended Pharmacy take the hassle out of managing your medications. 

We maintain digital patient profiles

We deal with the prescribers

We handle the refills

We deal with the insurance providers

No more pharmacy runs or pill caddies. We deliver the presorted medications directly to your facility.

Tearing open med packet

Presorted Medication Packets

Our unique, presorted medication packets make medication management a breeze, especially when you’re managing multiple residents.

Medications are packaged and sorted by date and time. Each packet is stamped with the resident’s name as well as the date and time the medications are to be taken.

All medication packets are delivered in chronological order to make it even more convenient to administer prescriptions correctly and on-time.

Makes taking multiple prescriptions simple

Pills are sorted by the dose

Medication packets are delivered to your community

Manage dozens of residents in a fraction of the time

Back-Office Support

Back-Office Support

Dealing with prescription management can be time-consuming. That’s why Extended Pharmacy deals with the prescribers and the insurance so that you can do what you do best.

Our prescription costs are highly competitive, and we accept nearly all insurance providers. In addition, our pharmacists are available to your residents and their families as a resource. They can ask us about their medications or even their insurance and Medicare Part D programs.

Your staff and residents can call us any time with questions about medications, insurance coverage, or billing concerns.

We take the hassle out of medication management.