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Why Extended Pharmacy?

Why Choose Extended Pharmacy?



Extended Pharmacy offers total medication management via individualized prescription baggies that are delivered right to your senior living facility.

Automatic refills

Free delivery to your community

Hands-on assistance for your residents

Pill packets sorted by the dose

Our unique packaging makes giving medications to your residents easy, convenient, and reliable. Our perforated packets include the name of the resident, the date, and the time in which the medication is to be taken.

No more pill caddies or those wasteful, orange pill bottles. Our system will help your facility reduce medication errors and non-compliance, keeping your residents healthy and their families confident in your facility.

Our presorted pill packets are great for the environment, a time saver for your staff, and an overall must-have for your community.

Our pharmacists keep track of and support your residents by handling the following:

Drug interactions
Medication allergies
Duplicate therapy concerns
Medication complications
Medication refills
Medications not covered by insurance or Medicare
Medication questions or concerns
Billing issues

Rest assured that our state-of-the-art equipment doesn’t increase the cost of your resident’s medications. Our prices are highly competitive, and we work with nearly all insurance providers, including Medicare Part D programs. In fact, our shorter dispensing cycles can decrease medication waste as well as the cost.

The best part? There is no extra cost for our special medication packaging. Your residents only pay their prescription copays.

We have a total paperless communication process, and individual medication records are provided for all of your residents.

Our service is loved by residents and their families, giving your community and facility an edge over your local competition.

We also offer the following services:

Staff Education and Training
Booster Clinics
24-hour Pharmacy Available
EMR interoperability

Find out if we're a good fit for your community.