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Medication Packaging

Market your simplified medication management to your community

Organizing pill cases by days of the week is not only time consuming, but it doesn’t account for medications that are taken multiple times per day. Organizing prescriptions for each resident in your facility is not only time consuming, but an error can be detrimental to both the resident and your reputation.

When patients don’t take their prescriptions at the date and time their physician prescribed, it can result in avoidable hospitalization. In fact, according to a study published in the Risk Management Healthcare Policy (2014), an estimated 10% of all hospitalizations in older adults may be caused by medication non-adherence.

Extended Pharmacy makes medication management easier for supportive and assisted living facility staff. No more sorting, medication complications, or prescription management.

You administer the convenient, presorted packs, and we do the rest.

Easier Management

Medications are packaged in time-specific, multi-dose packets.

Easy for Your Staff

Each medication packet is stamped with the resident's name, date, and time the meds are to be taken.

No Pill Caddies

The responsibility of medication set-up is relieved from your staff, residents, and families.