Serving facilities in Illinois & Indiana

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Nurse Consultants

Committed Nursing Staff

Our pharmacy has committed nursing staff that:

  • Oversees medication profiles
  • Connects with providers to reconcile medication profiles
  • Provides direct pharmacy support to facility nurses and residents

Pharmacy nurses also help close the gap in communication between nursing and pharmacy. Our nurses offer support to all facilities with educational training, CE opportunities, audits with real-time feedback. 

Our nurses continuously review pharmacy processes and procedures to ensure safe and quality service.

Nurse Consultant Requests Available:

  • Education/in-services regarding medication management
  • Insulin and medication pass audits with real time education and feedback
  • Room to room audits medication storage to assess missed medications, expired medications and OTC medications.
  • Audit of Narcotic count logs
  • We can assist nurse staff with transitioning over-the-counter (OTC) medications into cycle by price matching.
  • We can audit charts for appropriate orders such as BP, glucose, weights, PRN medications and can assist with obtaining discontinue orders from the provider.
  • We can provide pharmacy training to DON/Staff nurse with focus on cycle assessment, eMAR review, Refills and after hour call to pharmacy, etc.
  • We provide annual nurse audits to each facility prior to states arrival.
  • Additionally, we can review eMAR (Electronic Medication Administration Record) and timeline if a fall occurs, side effects develop, etc.
  • Vaccine Clinics