Benefits to Your Residents

Universal Tray

Pharmacy & Billing

  • Special Packaging to Ensure Compliance and Safety
  • Paperless Communication Process
  • Individual Medication Records provided
  • Shorter Dispensing Cycles are available to decrease Medication waste and cost
  • Maintain a computerized pharmaceutical profile on each resident and double-check for any drug interaction contra-indicators. This will include communication directly with the resident’s physician about refilling prescriptions and using medications that may not be covered by a resident’s insurance.
  • Prices are always highly competitive, and we are recognized by virtually all insurance companies.
  • No additional cost for our special medication packaging.
  • We carry and can deliver diabetic supplies.
  • Staff members at Extended Pharmacy are available to assist residents in navigating through the complexities of insurance, Medicare Part D, and the State of Illinois Senior Care programs to be sure that pharmaceutical benefits are maximized. Assistance can be given to residents to evaluate which Medicare Part D plan might be best and help residents with enrollment process. Staff will search to determine what insurance coverage is in effect for Medicaid residents and if any other programs might be available to provide additional benefits.
  • Residents can contact our staff directly with any questions they have about their medications, a bill, or insurance coverage.